Only one person knows about this blog so far…

She’s pretty great, so I think I should introduce her.

My name is Lauren and I’m a 22 year old female trying to make it through life in the big city.

I know nothing, zilch, zip, and squat about blogs. My knowledge of them goes as far as reading random (but EXTREMELY inspiring) food blogs during my hour long lunch break at work.

That being said, what will this blog be about and what inspired me to create one in the first place?

(Here’s the fun part)!

Through this blog, you are all going to watch me single-handedly change my life, for the better. How, you might ask? Through one of my passions: food and exercise.


Well, actually, its as much as a passion as it is a hatred. See, recently, I have been stuck in the “hate” part of my love-hate relationship with healthy food and exercise. I hate how I feel about myself, so I really need that kick in the butt to enter the love end of the relationship.

All of that is about to drastically change, however. Here’s a little background: I recently graduated from college, found a job that will kick-start my career, but had been forced to move back home with my parents for the summer because living plans fell through. I don’t know what it is about being home, but for some reason, I lose all motivation to work out and eat healthy. Even worse, my job involves mostly desk work, so I barely move throughout the day. Add in 2 hours worth of train rides, plus a lack of energy when I get home from work, and you get an almost 20 pound weight gain.

…that was really hard for me to say outloud. I’m still cringing.

BUT, here’s the light at the end of the tunnel: I am moving into my own apartment in exactly 6 days from now. 6!!!  You might be asking how this is related to dieting and exercise…but its going to be a huge turning point. My apartment has a gym (great!), equipped with ellipticals (double great!), and weights (super great!), anddddd, CONVENIENT HOURS (ECSTATIC!) I think the reason I have been so excited to move into this apartment is because of that gym. But again, I think a little background information would be helpful here.

The summer going into my junior year of college (so..2 years ago), I lost 20-25 pounds. I had found this website called “Sparkpeople”, and it really changed my life. I logged all of my food and exercise, made MANY friends along the way, and even went on to lead a spark “team”. Even better, I forced myself to go to the gym one night, and fell in love with it. I found that I functioned MUCH better on ellipticals than I did on treadmills. I went to that gym 5 days a week, for an hour (or two sometimes, depending on my mood), and the work showed! When my friends returned to school, they couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost. I maintained that loss for about a year, but then slowly put the pounds back on when life got a little too hectic.
Which leads me to now. I’m really excited to start eating healthier and exercising. Even better, I LOVE learning about health and nutrition, and am really excited to be blogging about that.

So there you go. In a nutshell, I am making a blog to write about dieting, exercise, and my weight loss. I promise it will be a fun journey (not everything in life needs to be serious!), and I hope I can at least inspire others join the journey with me 🙂

I’ll be updating again with specific goals and such, and hopefully I can figure out how to make my blog prettier and more user friendly. HTML? Can I learn it? I’ll add it to my list of potential hobbies.

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